trinkets and toys

Our trinkets and toys collection is made up of small joys, soft toys, and lovely spoils, each one carefully sourced in support of the Nunabean pillars of play: they’re local, authentic, mindful and gentle.
In this collection, you’ll find foldable bibs with a catch-all pouch, textured silicone and beechwood teethers that soothe and massage, glass-smooth wooden rattles, and delicate festive teensy trinkets. We’ve also added organic cotton pot-bellied animals and eco-conscious books for curious minds.
We practice fair trade, and we’ve sourced all of toys and trinkets from partners who share our ethos - Kenya-based Kenana Knitters.
Craft, care, and kindness inform all our chosen products, with play and legacy in mind – they’re the sort of trinkets that will get passed from generation to generation.
Due to its hand-sprouted nature and depending on the granny who made it, each Nunabean item varies slightly in colour, shape, texture of pattern, and finish.
Note: If any item is out of stock, please allow for three weeks lead time.