The Nunabean Story

Nunabean is not a unique story (thankfully), but it is a special story. The kind that involves creating something out of love and passion whilst giving back to others at the same time.

The Nunabean story started with a small project producing hand-stitched, soft-soled leather shoes for tiny little feet.

You will feel the difference in our leather quality, hand picked for their unique colours, textures and softness, ensuring every pair of feet is wrapped in the very best materials we can find. Paying attention to every detail, we use a braided moccasin thread that prevents unravelling in curious mouths. For ease of wear, the laces are elasticised, guaranteeing a snug fit. 

Our manufacturing process is unique in that we hold workshops to teach underprivileged ladies from townships in and around Cape Town, South Africa to hand-stitch our Pram Shoes, providing a much needed income for them and their families. Once 'qualified', we supply the leathers and sewing kits to our ladies so every pair is handmade with love in the homes of our own local talent.

Pair your Nunabean Pram Shoes with one of Dream Badges and a handmade fabric bag, and set those precious feet up for a lifetime of warmth. 

Our next chapter in the Nunabean story is in the making, as we pour our love for quality into our locally produced Knitted Collection employing, at present, over 15 retired senior citizens and using locally sourced yarns.

Choose from our 100% bamboo blankets and pineapplke bubble baby rompers, nature-inspired beanies, baby booties and eco-friendly jerseys, all like-granny-use-to-knit :)  

love ant and the nunabean team


Contact: Anthea 0828393570


“I want my 7 year old daughter, Impiwe to grow up to be a court interpreter. With the extra money I earn I want to put away, and build a 2 bedroom house for me and my daughter in the Eastern Cape.“


“I want my one son to grow up to be a carpenter and the other a designer. With the extra money I earn from my 5 jobs, I put for school books and to send my children to university.“


“I want my 2 year old son, Niyaaz to grow up to be an IT technician. I bake cakes and love working with my hands.”


“I want 2 children, they must grow up to be a mechanical engineer and professional designer.“


“I want my 6 year old son, Okono to grow up to be a doctor, because our community needs doctors. With the extra money I earn I want to have a big house for me and my son and a nice life and be happy.”