The Nunabean Story

The Nunabean story started with a small project producing hand-stitched, soft-soled leather shoes for tiny feet.

From the start, we were obsessed with the details, from the buttery softness of the leather to the muted colour palette. We used braided moccasin thread to prevent unravelling in curious mouths, and elasticised laces for a snug fit. But the care didn’t stop there…

Our manufacturing process matched our ethos: we held workshops to empower underprivileged ladies from local communities to hand-stitch our Pram Shoes, enabling them to earn essential income for their families.

Once skilled, our ladies were supplied with sewing kits and leathers, so that every pair of Pram Shoes is handmade with love in the homes of locals.

We wanted to share these workshops with others, so we turned to the senior citizens (the grannies and gogos) in our surrounding communities. We now have a team of 33 seasoned knitters and seamstresses, and on any given day you’ll find us chatting about everything from hip replacements to our hopes and dreams.

We’re mindful of what we’re building here: local talent who’re able to turn their lives around, unemployed elders who now feel they are leading lives of purpose and leaving behind a legacy.

We wouldn’t have it any other way. Everything we do is centred on care – care of our people and care of the planet.

And so, when we outsource to factories for cut, make and trim, we select small, ethical enterprises with social upliftment projects.

And when it comes to the raw materials we source for our products, everything is natural, local, eco-friendly, and hand-spun, sewn, or dyed. And because of this, each one of our items has an utterly unique signature and supply chain. As unique as the beautiful child you are bringing into this world.

So, protect that precious person’s tiny feet with a pair of Nunabean Pram Shoes, and clothe them in our nature-inspired beanieseco-bootiesjerseys just-like-granny-use-to-knit or pineapple bobble bamboo rompers  and do try our comfy and adjustable EasyWear Collection.

Love Ant and the Nunabean team

Contact: Anthea 0828393570


“I want my 7 year old daughter, Impiwe to grow up to be a court interpreter. With the extra money I earn I want to put away, and build a 2 bedroom house for me and my daughter in the Eastern Cape.“


“I want my one son to grow up to be a carpenter and the other a designer. With the extra money I earn from my 5 jobs, I put for school books and to send my children to university.“


“I want my 2 year old son, Niyaaz to grow up to be an IT technician. I bake cakes and love working with my hands.”


“I want 2 children, they must grow up to be a mechanical engineer and professional designer.“


“I want my 6 year old son, Okono to grow up to be a doctor, because our community needs doctors. With the extra money I earn I want to have a big house for me and my son and a nice life and be happy.”