basket stitch baby blanket

Basket stitch 100% bamboo blanket. Feel the weight and quality with it's natural drape and lustre... perfect for baby's first blanket.
Made with love by one of our Nunabean team.

Crafted from ethically hand-spun and hand-dyed bamboo yarn, this ultra soft luxurious Nunabean Bamboo Baby Blanki makes you want to grab the nearest baby and swaddle them in this the beautiful bamboo hand knit.

Just like the little bean, this cozy, cuddly blanket is unique and is sure to be cherished and passed on throughout the years.

Colours: Cloud (silver), Storm (dark grey), White

Size: approx H800 x W600mm

Care instructions: Handwash. Cool iron. No bleach. Dry flat, do not hang.

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