pram shoe: tapioca snow

Tapioca Snow Pram Shoes: This leather was a once off find and we've heard all kinds of descriptions from elephants hide to earthy pearl. It feels so authentic and they look like they were made to protect little feet. The rarity of the leathers earns them a place in our LImited Edition range.

Every pair of Nunabean™ Pram Shoes comes with a dream badge and is individually packaged in one of our handmade Nunabean recyclable bags.

Every pair of Nunabean™ Pram Shoes is hand-stitched and unique. The subtle variances between each pair of shoes makes them special.

  • Fits 0 - 9 months 
  • Mocassin braided thread
  • Soft soled
  • Hand-stitched
  • Lambs leather
  • Eco-friendly dyes


Every pair of Nunabean™ Pram Shoes vary in color, fur & markings, enhancing the natural beauty and uniqueness of leather.

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