nunabean beanies bonnets hats

We’ve curated a collection of our hats, hand crafted beanies and bonnets, all lovingly made by local hands – and their individual names are attached to each item. 

You’ll find eco beanies and bonnets, merino wool baby acorn beanies, alpaca t-bag beanies, cloches and collabs with some local artists.

Our limited edition Eco-baby Stripey Beanies use the excess yarn from samples and other Nunabean items to ensure there is not waste. Like our eco beanie range, ensuring each beanie is one of a kind, just like your baba. Each ball of yarn is spun by a single person and knitted to provide a unique signature. All our yarns are natural and locally  sprouted and sourced in Cape Town, South Africa.

Due to the hand-sprouted nature and depending on the granny who made it, each Nunabean item varies slightly in colour, shape, texture of pattern, and finish.

Note: If any item is out of stock, please allow for three weeks lead time.