baby bonnet (pixie chevron)

A Pixie-style eco-beanie that ties under the chin, to perfectly frame those chubby cheeks. For an adjustable fit, the ribbed chevron style  and chin-ties allows for comfort and natural stretch.
Hand crafted from the softest ethically sourced hand-spun and hand-dyed cotton bamboo yarn.
Crafted entirely in South Africa.
You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local :)

Size: ± 0-6 months (Dimensions: ±W=16cm ±H=19cm)
Colours: Natural (cream), Midnight (dark grey), Cloud (silver grey)
Material: hand-spun and hand-dyed textured yarn composed of cotton slub and bamboo viscose.

Care: machine washable. No bleach. Dry flat, do not hang.

*Due to hand sprouted nature and depending on the granny who made it, every Nunabean hand knit is unique, varying slightly in colour, shape and finish.
Photo is only for representation only. 

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