Sprouting Pixie Moss, Pancakes and Roadtripping


Hello There :)

Little Nuna and I recently went on a small road-tripping Knitting-Adventure to Langebaan, accompanied by a beautiful and scenic 1h30min drive with the car. Passing one of our fav hangouts on the way, The West Coast National Park, a must-visit for any of you nature lovers :)

We arrived in Langebaan to be greeted by huge smiles from Granny Mary and Granny Joan, who excitedly presented our pre-ordered samples of the freshly sprouted Nunabean hand-knitted range: The Pixie Moss Hooded Jacket! The hours flew by with us perfecting Granny Mary’s customised pattern, deciding on the final texture of the jacket, the perfect number of button holes, the perfect buttons, and finding that perfect shape for the Pixie-Moss Hood!!! Perfection for these grannies was not taken lightly, and the discussions in turn, were no mean feat!!!

We tried to keep the Nunabean essence of nature and simplicity, and this time adding a bit of fun and pixie-magic! And always keeping it local, with yarns and artisans!

My heart was fuzzy being able to experience Granny Mary and Granny Joan swopping ideas and sharing their skills. These ladies genuinely knit with much love, pride and enthusiasm! Granny Mary’s no-seam-policy and heart felt concern for indentations on baba’s skin, just blows me away!

With lots of background support from Little Nuna, Jessica and Kitty! Nuna kindly took some timeout to fit the samples, for a quick photoshoot!

We love the hood of the tamarind colour jacket and the texture of the grey colour jacket… let us know your thoughts?! We are still "perfecting"!

A well deserved trip followed to the Pancake Shop for the most delicious freshly made pancakes with Nutella and Sugar-Cinnamon and lemon!

Granny Mary, Granny Joan, Jessica, Nuna, Kitty and I, all decided it was definitely, a most successful Knitting AGM, to be repeated sooner than later!

Enjoy the pics xxx

And watch this space to see what we finally sprouted for our Perfect Pixie Hooded Jacket!



Anthea Forlee
Anthea Forlee


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