‘Small steps, big dreams’: Nunabean joins the fight against COVID-19

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For the past few months, the UK-South Africa Tech Hub (together with the Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative) has been collaborating with SMME/Entrepreneurial businesses on the Developer Placement Programme.
The Developer Placement Programme is an initiative that aims to provide work-readiness opportunities to youth with digital skills. The programme does this by placing developer interns at entrepreneurial businesses for 6 months.

One of the entrepreneurial businesses participating in the programme is Nunabean. Nunabean is a local baby/kids brand selling unique, handmade products that are not only special but also environmentally friendly and give back to the community.

"Nunabean is my daughter's nickname. The business was born out of love and big dreams for my little one," explains founder Anthea Forlee. "The idea for the company came with the birth of my daughter. She inspired the brand. When I was retrenched a year later I had to turn my hobby into a business. I decided to go back to my essence, do what I love, and produce products that brought me joy."

The company, which was founded in 2012-2013, started as a weekend hobby, teaching women to sew. Anthea shares that her vision for her brand is "creating the best quality products, using local & natural fibres.To create products that bring joy to our customers, uplift society and cause no unnecessary harm to the environment."


Anthea Forlee
Anthea Forlee


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